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Hamilton-Fynch takes your ideas, your brief, research papers and documents, and builds them into an interpretation, information or education product that resonates with  your constituency and fulfils your goals. We undertake the research, appropriate text writing for your audience, image sourcing, photography all information graphics design and supervise the printing. A complete service from your concept to the finished product.



Essentially these are interpretation panels that reveal the significance of place. Most often these have been natural history themed and thus include living things, geology, climate and cultural heritage. However, we have also developed panels addressing mining and other industrial developments and their environmental and stakeholder impact.

The panels have been used outdoors along nature trails, indoors in museums and visitor facilities as well as in public stakeholder forums.

biodervisity map.jpg


Many of our projects have included maps. We aim to enhance the maps, where appropriate, through attention to colour combinations, informative keys, photographs and additional graphics. Our maps have ranged from directional and location focused, to geological, ecological, in particular the biodiversity management strategy maps for the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Board, and tourism, most challenging the tourism map printed on waterproof paper, for the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) for regional distribution and at the ITB Berlin travel show.



We have designed and published, and in some cases written, photographed and edited, several books. The most challenging has been the creation of a 396 page, large format book –– ‘Montane to Mangrove’. This book has been created from the monumental 1977, Ken Lochner Tinley D.Sc. thesis ‘Framework of the Gorongosa Ecosystem’ which reveals and interprets the complex landscape ecology from Gorongosa mountain to the mangroves of the Zambezi estuary on the Indian Ocean.

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We have generated many brochures, primarily for tourism initiatives. Perhaps the most significant have been the multipage A4 brochures in two or three languages for the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) used at ITB Berlin, the World’s leading travel trade show.



Hamilton-Fynch has generated many banners and panel displays for a variety of initiatives from local tourism to the KAZA and Zambia Tourism booths at the ITB trade travel show in Berlin. These have ranged from 2 000 mm x 850 mm retractable banners to large 4 000 mm x 3 000 mm backdrops.



Hamilton-Fynch’s principals both hold postgraduate teaching qualifications and have an understanding of the fundamentals underlying learning and generic learning outcomes. This understanding is applied throughout our interpretation media.

We have developed curriculum-based activity sheets for nature trails, and full suite of early learning media for the Gorongosa Girls’ School clubs, numbering about 100 clubs in the Gorongosa support zone. These latter media include et al: basic writing skills, numeracy, memory, visual completion, games, visuo-spatial skills, communication, socialization. 



Much of our work has been the enhancement of reports such as project proposals, training manuals, annual reports and research documents. 

We take the base MSWord document and transform it into a visually appealing product that invites reader attention.  Often the document is for publication and where appropriate the format can be changed to make a more individual product. Document work has been primarily for major conservation agencies, but has also included work for mining and petroleum companies



Although not a primary component of our business we do administer some Facebook pages and create branding focused designs updated on a regular basis according to the client’s requirements.

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