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A major part of our work is enhancement of a wide variety of reports, and project proposals by designing more  attention-grabbing graphics and often editing. Here are a few examples.

Reports: Text

Gorongosa National Park Annual Highlights

report 4.jpg
Reports: Image

Gorongosa National Park

report 6.jpg
Reports: Image

African Wildlife Foundation –– Regional Strategy

report 1.jpg
Reports: Image

MTPA - Mpumalanga Biodiversity Conservation Plan Handbook

Reports: Image

Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Area TFCA –– Master Integrated Development Plan

Reports: Image

Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Area TFCA –– Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Measures

Reports: Image

International Conservation Services –– dugong conservation, Bazaruto, Mozambique

report 2.jpg
Reports: Image

GIZ –– Service excellence awards Mpumalanga

report 3.jpg
Reports: Image
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